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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

HST Costs

What's the cost of the new HST on consumers? $2000 on a new home, $1600 on a $20,000 renovation, $10 on your monthly cable bill, $5 a month on your bare basics phone, $1.40 more on a $20 haircut, about 90 cents more on a $12 movie ticket.

Just about everything you buy will go up by 7% in BC and 8% in Ontario.

See this CBC video report from the National.

"Yet our province's Conservative MPs have run for the hills on the HST, saying it wasn't their idea. The local Liberal MP has become suddenly opposed after having supported the budget, and after Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff committed to keeping the HST if he wins the next election." - Denise Savoie op-ed inTimes Colonist
Harper will be bringing in legislation to allow the harmonization of the GST and PST sometime this fall or before March 2010. Liberal leader, Ignatieff has stated he would keep the tax change if he becomes Prime Minister. Layton, the federal NDP leader has stated he will vote against the new tax.

Check here for resources opposed to the new Tax.