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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rush to Judgement

I am pretty sure most people that come here find Rush Limbaugh to be an infuriating big old fashioned shock radio jabber that appeals to people like Alls Star Wrestling appeals to some "sports" fans. Its all hype, its all done in the name of entertainment. Rush Limbaugh physically mocks people with Parkinson's in this video ... He crosses the line again.

His recent attack on Michael J. Fox is incredible in its mean-spiritedness. It not only unfairly accuses Fox of faking his symptoms but goes after his character.

This is one of the rudest efforts ever of "win at all costs" political partisanship. It reminds me of a school yard bully sitting on some kid and smacking him until the kid under him says Uncle. What is shocking is the lack of a chorus of boos ringing from Republicans. That may explain the desperate situation they find themselves in the upcoming election.

Back to Rush, I am not sure who sponsors his program on the air, it would be well worth finding out as it would appear the only way to stop this is to make enouigh nooise that sponsors cannot afford to do so.

The Gazetteer has more here ... on how the other media fail to call him out on his antics. And still more on Towleroad.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your policies in Iraq are reprehensible

An incredible story coming out of the Rocky Mountain News October 21, 2006 of an upstanding thoughtful American being arrested because he told the Vice President what he thought of his policy in Iraq.

Increasingly Americans are being seen as criminals by the US Government for speaking out against the administrations polices and in particular, the war in Iraq. Today Americans are subject to arrest for suspected terrorist activities without the right to have a lawyer. They can be taken and held indefinately with little or no access to the rights as an American citizen. My good friend at Canuck Attitude has a good piece on this issue here.

Steven Howards has a long history of standing up for what is right and against what is wrong and on the day he accidently came upon the Vice President, he felt he had to say something. Cheney was in town and meeting with a throng of people outside a mall when Howards approached him and told him, "Your policies in Iraq are reprehensible," reported the Rocky Mountain News.

Howards recalls having touched Cheney's suit, then walked away with his eight year old son in tow. As he headed off to meet his wife a secret service agent approached him an asked if he had assaulted the Vice President. Howard replied that if free speech was assault then arrest me. He was arrested and while being pushed into a Secret Service vehicle, his wife had arrived and asked where he was being taken, she was not given an answer. Howards was charged with federal assault. That was reduced to state harassment three hours later when his wife paid the $500 bail.

Howards is suing the Secret Service for harassment. You can read more about Howards story in the Rocky Mountain News.

photo credit: Joe Mahoney Rocky Mountain News

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Monday, October 23, 2006

"...we've never been "stay the course,..."

President Bush astonishes us here in the Heartlands with this incredible lie on ABC's This Week in his talk with George Stephanopoulos. The passage in question went as follows:

Stephanopoulos: "James Baker says that he s looking for something between "cut and run" and "stay the course."

Bush: "Well, hey, listen, we've never been "stay the course," George. We have been " we will complete the mission, we will do our job, and help achieve the goal, but we re constantly adjusting to tactics. Constantly."

He has used this term for a long time as we all know,

The United States Department of Defense website has this quote from Bush on July 10, 2003 "... We're making steady progress," he said. "A free Iraq will mean a peaceful world. And it's very important for us to stay the course, and we will stay the course."

want more then Think progress

The perfect storm

Bush's worst nightmare

U.S. soldier missing in Baghdad - military

An American soldier is missing today in Iraq. What comes to mind is kidnapping and I hope this is not the case. If he has been kidnapped, Republicans will fall like the Ottawa Senators come play off time. The perfect storm is already blowing across America. The many scandals and Bob Woodwards new book spell disaster.

The pictures of an American soldier held hostage will sharpen attacks against the war in Iraq. The political Hurricane Watch will move the perfect storm to near Katrina proportions.

Virginia Senator George Allen, an apologist of Bush's war in Iraq earned himself an oppopnent in former Reagan administration's Navy Secretary Jim Webb. Webb a much decorated Vietnam vet, a Republican turned Democrat candidate after meeting with Allen and hearing his excuse for supporting Bush and the war. Allen was cruising to victory until he uttered a racisit remark. That remark and the growing discontent with the war have the Dems with a serious shot in a race they couldn't possibly have hoped to win.

The number of U.S. military personnel killed since the Iraq war began in 2003 stands at 2,800. That alone should be enough for a clean sweep in Washington.

Exile to Canada - why didn't we think of it before ...

It amazing as I come out of my self imposed exile from the internet I discover the USA is taking to exiling convicted felons to Canada. This of course is a case where the person has been convicted, unlike Mr. Arar whom the Americans aided and abetted by the RCMP, sent off to Syria.

A Buffalo New York teacher has been given a choice according to CBC, between a year in a US jail or 3 years exile in Canada. He may enter the USA for the purposes of seeing his probation officer and then must return to Canada. The teacher Malcolm Watson lives with his wife in Ontario and worked in Buffalo. He was convicted of sexual misconduct with a 15 year old student.

If this catches on perhaps American crime rates will fall as American citizens cringe in fear over the prospects of cold winters, ungodly clean and safe streets, strong beer, socialized healthcare and sick people openly toking away on their weed.

No the Harper government can't sit back and take this. Imagine the loads of Americans that will be sent here to suffer a fate worse than a year in a US jail. We will be the dumping ground for all that’s wrong in America.

Its bad enough that Harper has to worry about how our troops in Afghanistan are going to harvest fields of Marijuana to ensure the fields are not hiding Taliban taking pot shots at them, he now has a new front to battle. The weight of power must weigh heavy upon his midriff (in the hundreds of grams, depending on how good you are at harvesting). He can't take much more can he? It pains me to watch.

Back to exiles to this land. Imagine, do you think many Americans might actually commit a crime just to get into Canada. No it wouldn't happen, most Americans are pretty cool with their government, and such Foley would never be tried by a sane American. Its better to have a Bush in hand. Did I just screw up, should it be be a bird?

Bill O'Reilly of Fox Entertainment ought to be squarely behind this bold new development in dealing with convicted felons, he has spent years blaming Canada for its social liberalism having played a part in what he termed the "secular humanist War on Christmas" and gay marriage is just more proof of our distain for American values.

It would appear that the Americans will be able to add a legitimate concern about our border, instead of repeating 9/11 myths about terrorists coming from Canada, they can point to their own citizens as a threat to American security.

Senator Burns has breathed new life with this exile, watch now as Montana and other border states start building the wall!