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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rush to Judgement

I am pretty sure most people that come here find Rush Limbaugh to be an infuriating big old fashioned shock radio jabber that appeals to people like Alls Star Wrestling appeals to some "sports" fans. Its all hype, its all done in the name of entertainment. Rush Limbaugh physically mocks people with Parkinson's in this video ... He crosses the line again.

His recent attack on Michael J. Fox is incredible in its mean-spiritedness. It not only unfairly accuses Fox of faking his symptoms but goes after his character.

This is one of the rudest efforts ever of "win at all costs" political partisanship. It reminds me of a school yard bully sitting on some kid and smacking him until the kid under him says Uncle. What is shocking is the lack of a chorus of boos ringing from Republicans. That may explain the desperate situation they find themselves in the upcoming election.

Back to Rush, I am not sure who sponsors his program on the air, it would be well worth finding out as it would appear the only way to stop this is to make enouigh nooise that sponsors cannot afford to do so.

The Gazetteer has more here ... on how the other media fail to call him out on his antics. And still more on Towleroad.