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Monday, October 23, 2006

Exile to Canada - why didn't we think of it before ...

It amazing as I come out of my self imposed exile from the internet I discover the USA is taking to exiling convicted felons to Canada. This of course is a case where the person has been convicted, unlike Mr. Arar whom the Americans aided and abetted by the RCMP, sent off to Syria.

A Buffalo New York teacher has been given a choice according to CBC, between a year in a US jail or 3 years exile in Canada. He may enter the USA for the purposes of seeing his probation officer and then must return to Canada. The teacher Malcolm Watson lives with his wife in Ontario and worked in Buffalo. He was convicted of sexual misconduct with a 15 year old student.

If this catches on perhaps American crime rates will fall as American citizens cringe in fear over the prospects of cold winters, ungodly clean and safe streets, strong beer, socialized healthcare and sick people openly toking away on their weed.

No the Harper government can't sit back and take this. Imagine the loads of Americans that will be sent here to suffer a fate worse than a year in a US jail. We will be the dumping ground for all that’s wrong in America.

Its bad enough that Harper has to worry about how our troops in Afghanistan are going to harvest fields of Marijuana to ensure the fields are not hiding Taliban taking pot shots at them, he now has a new front to battle. The weight of power must weigh heavy upon his midriff (in the hundreds of grams, depending on how good you are at harvesting). He can't take much more can he? It pains me to watch.

Back to exiles to this land. Imagine, do you think many Americans might actually commit a crime just to get into Canada. No it wouldn't happen, most Americans are pretty cool with their government, and such Foley would never be tried by a sane American. Its better to have a Bush in hand. Did I just screw up, should it be be a bird?

Bill O'Reilly of Fox Entertainment ought to be squarely behind this bold new development in dealing with convicted felons, he has spent years blaming Canada for its social liberalism having played a part in what he termed the "secular humanist War on Christmas" and gay marriage is just more proof of our distain for American values.

It would appear that the Americans will be able to add a legitimate concern about our border, instead of repeating 9/11 myths about terrorists coming from Canada, they can point to their own citizens as a threat to American security.

Senator Burns has breathed new life with this exile, watch now as Montana and other border states start building the wall!