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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mayencourt's "sorry" Bill

Vancouver Burrard BC Liberal MLA, Lorne Mayencourt will try to introduce legislation that will permit people to say "I am sorry" according to the Public Eye and 24 Hours columnist Sean Holman.

Mayencourt suggests that legalities get in the way of people apologising for acts they have committed. He is right of course, governments, companies and individuals do tend to avoid saying those three simple words.
"Oftentimes. I think that individuals who have been wronged are just really looking for an acknowledgement of that... and that acknowledgement can change the tone of how people deal with one another. And it might result in a speedier resolution of very important issues for people." Mayencourt speaking to Public Eye
People with something further to lose, people or groups with money would cheer on this bill. Average folks say "I am sorry" often, without consulting lawyers. Mayencourt's proposed bill will of course help some of his constituents and maybe even himself. Trouble is this won't help the guy picked up for aggressive panhandling or stealing a box of Kraft Dinner but will help the guy who bilked millions from seniors in investment fraud.

Chances are the only defense ordinary working folks have when in trouble is to go straight to "I am sorry" and they know it and like most people, actually are sorry for what they have done and the harm caused. Most of us cannot afford a lawyer from Mayencourt's constituency to tell us not to say a word, do not admit any responsibility and then have the lawyer write up a statement that can be read ten different ways. Most of us cannot afford to spend months and years in legal fees to keep a case from being settled.

This new bill is not needed and a huge waste of time for our MLAs that should be dealing with Health, Education and providing safe and affordable housing for people. Why can't these people just say "I am Sorry", at least that is meaningful.
A law that allows you to say, "Without Prejudice, I am Sorry."

That would make you feel better, right?
Mom and Dad were right, If you were wrong or harmed someone, you say "I am sorry" and then accept the consequences.

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