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Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't want no HST

I can't get the audio for this, its on facebook, right here!

Don't want no HST

Don't want the HST

Don't want no HST.
Now look at that Gordo. Man, he really blew it.
He made us bitter from the HST.
This ain't working. Campbell can go screw it.
Money they're sucking from both you and me.
Now what's he smoking? HST is stupid.
Let me tell you, us guys ain't dumb.
People wave at Campbell with their middle finger.
Telling him he can stick it in his bum.
It's 12 per cent to fix a broken old oven.
They're taxing pizza deliveries.
You're paying more for your medication.
It doesn't sound like harmony.
"Let's tax them." (Campbell)
What did you just say?
"Let's tax them." (Campbell)
I should have learned to be a politician.
I need a drink of Gordo's rum.
Look at that Campbell?
He's still smiling for the cameras, man.
Has he gone mad, son?
Who's up there? What's that?
It's freakin' Colin Hansen.
He's Campbell's organ grinder and his chimpanzee.
Oh. that's just perfect.
And that's the way they do us,
Stuffing their pockets with the HST.
Don't want no.
Don't want no.
Don't want no HST.
Easy, easy money for nothing.
A bunch of dicks to me.
We're all hurting.

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Great Aunty Bertha said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing, Rick.