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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

42% would recall Premier Campbell

A total of 42 percent said they would sign a petition recalling the Premier, including one-quarter of those who cast a vote for the BC Liberals in the last election. That's the news from a poll done exclusively within the boundaries of Premier Campbell's provincial constituency, Vancouver Point Grey.

The news is startling given the "tony" make up of the riding. People feel the Liberals and the Premier should have told them before the election they planned to implement the new 12% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). In fact it would appear the Premier would be in the fight of his life if an election were held today. We know he would lose the province if there was a vote today, and its my bet he would go down big time in his own riding.

The poll was conducted for the BC Federation of Labour by Environics Research Group Ltd. See the full poll and questions asked here.

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sean. said...

Thought you might be interested to know that BP was given permission to start drilling the BC rockies JUST 3 DAYS after the Gulf disaster started.