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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Biggest BC Deficit EVER

The BC Budget is out and its a shocker, the largest in BC histroy. The Liberals now have the three largest deficit budgets in BC history. Not bad for people that promised during the election that they really really could keep to the $495 million deficit set in February 2009.

More in the days ahead... Check out the link below for the latest!

From NBC Dipper

My overall first impression: it seems as this budget is the fulfillment of the idea that one doesn’t waste a crisis in order to make changes. This is a budget that is going to hurt the middle class of BC by slapping on new taxes for them, while rewarding those that tend to vote BC Liberal by reducing taxes for them. Considering that cuts are supposedly supposed to be made, what these cuts are actually going to be is very unspecific, making me rather nervous as to the future.


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