Some things just need to be said...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beer, sweet water and dogs!

I am back for a bit!

I am back in BC for four to six weeks as I pack and clean up a few things then wing back to the east! I have a few photos to show you what I have been up too below.

I am the one in the middle, with the Kokanee beer. See the Easterner's have not yet discovered the "Beer Out Here!"

Making Maple Syrup was awesome!

It takes forty litres to make one litre of syrup to use! That's a lot of boiling, lots of hauling sap from the maple bush but well worth it.

And a few late night hot dogs can make life seem a little too good eh!

I will be posting more about the experiance and just what some of those easterner's think of us westerners and of the Harper Government.