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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Government painting contract for Kelowna?

Wow, what a difference a couple of months make.

No same old stuff, same colour too!

Code purple at Kelowna General Hospital again. Not long before I winged east KGH had issued at least three Code Purple's in a 24 hour span. Minister George Abbott was quick to point out that relief was on the way, some long term care beds would be opened for seniors currently in acute care hospital beds thus releiving some of the pressure.

Guess what, still no beds, still no action on reducing the pressure at KGH and contrary to Minister Abbot's statement in the BC legislature yesterday, the problem is getting worse. The Minister stated that the code purple was the result of two automobile accidents. I have news for Minister Abbot, the emergency room should be able to handle two automobile accidents. It couldn't this time because the emergency room was over capacity again (as usual), with patients needing access to acute care or long term care beds.

The Minister needs to look at the mess in Kelowna, maybe he could just paint the Emergency Room purple. Now that would cost much less than building acute care or long-term care beds. It would save staff time in declaring code purple's and remind staff in the hospital that job one was evicting dead beat patients!

CBC Story: Overloaded Kelowna hospital declares 'code purple'

* Code purple is a term used when admin staff are directed to empty hospital beds of any non urgent patients to make room for more critical cases. Who are the patients "evicted" during code purple? They are those that have just had surgery, people in hospital for observation, those awaiting surgery.

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