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Monday, September 21, 2009

Assistance to Shelter Act

You have got to be kidding.

The BCCLA has uncovered plans to turn homeless shelters into jails and if they are right, BC just became a Police State.

Instead of building adequate shelters for the homeless, or better yet, building more affordable housing, providing a decent housing allowance, the BC government has come up with this hair brained idea. Under the guise of protecting the homeless from extreme weather, the government has come up with a means of getting the homeless off the streets during the Olympics.

A police officer and or a social worker will tell the homeless they must go to a shelter and if there is no room at the inn, they will provide you with a nice warm cell. That's right, they will hold you there until it is deemed safe outside for you to leave.

Lower mainland jails ought to be full for two weeks of the Olympics. No need to show the world our ugly underbelly now is there...


karen said...

Has the Assistance to Shelter Act even had a first reading in the legislature? Squash the bill now by reaching out to those darn MPPs who are suppose to be working for you! Tell them what you want.

Rick Barnes said...

The legislation has not been introduced. This was leaked to the BCCLA who made it public.

As to writing BC MLA's, thats a great idea. Let them know this legislation is out of line.

Anonymous said...

Assuming this is mostly aimed at Metro Vancouver for the Olympics, this BC born and raised Toronto resident would like to know what they call extreme weather out there?

Rick Barnes said...

LOL Bruce,

Yes extreme might be the sight of camera's recording the homeless demonstrators, but then I am only guessing.

Entering or leaving the Downtown eastside, Canada's poorest neighbourhood may require a police escort or a passport during the expected extreme cold in February!