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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am back, hope to see more of you all...

Watch this page in the days ahead. I have much to say but will do so every other day rather than the daily and sometimes hourly postings you saw here a couple of months ago.

do you need your fix right now...
Looking for something on the Campbell created education fiasco? Check out The Gazetteer who has been doing a good job of exposing the BC Liberal agenda. David Schreck always has some thoughtful and informative views as well at

I have been away working and frustrated by the Telus lockout of their employees. With a deal in place my internet dsl has been activated at my new residence here within the fabulous community of Rising Rutland in Kelowna. I no longer live in the Money Mission. Alas the lake is a little further away, yet even having been just 100 feet from it I only made it to the beach a half dozen times this year, when company came from out of town. One thing about Kelowna, you develop friends from all over.

So much to write about with the Campbell government's actions to date or better yet where they have failed to act. Forestry, education, healthcare, children and families, street crime, housing for the working poor, BC Transit, BC Ferries, Crystal meth use and treatment facilities and programs, and just what happened when Basi and Virk were working for Collins and Reid and just what was Christy thinking in Victoria when she was there and now that she is a loser in Vancouver.

Layton, Martin and Harper are back so that should be interesting. And municipal politics is warming up to be hot and fun in Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Williams Lake, Vernon, Nelson, Surrey and a many more places, not to forget the right wing infighting going on in Langley these days.

Talk to you all very soon.

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