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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Official Community Plan in Kelowna

"The OCP is the highest level document within City planning however, it is not chiselled in stone but should be treated seriously by all members of an elected Council." Current Mayor Walter Gray

I like that our Mayor, who by the way qualifies to be Mayor because he use to own a radio station, purports to support the offical community plan and take it seriously. Look at the city council agenda for the last three years. How can Walter say he has taken the OCP seriously. I suspect the OCP may have been written on the same chalk board used to calculate donations to municipal campaigns.

This council has not met a developer they have not loved. Isn't there a law against forification outside a relationship. Maybe not, but its sure a good reason for divorce and with the likes of Gray and Day one need not produce much for the Judge (that would be voters) to provide us with a quickie divorce.

One thing is sure, we won't be able to claim the marriage was never consumated, we all got screwed so to speak.

Photo from The Kelowna Capital News

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