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Monday, October 31, 2005

Martin's Gomery reports tonight

Gomery reports tonight to the Prime Minister

The world has been chugging along well for Martin and likely he will find the report from Gomery will provide him with some light ahead for him. Speculation is that Gomery will lay most of the blame on the former PM and or his supporters for the sponsorship scandal.

The report if it does as expected amounts to Bush's people finding a big bunker of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

It remains unbelievable to me that the Minister of Finance, Mr. Martin himself, did not know this theft of government money was occurring. Was he that incompetent or was he looking the other way?

The Liberals have a responsibility to reimburse the Canadian government for the funds they received as a result and that includes the money paid in salaries to Liberal hacks and insiders.

Martin will of course come out tomorrow stating he is saddened by the reports finding and tell us that his why he established the Gomery investigation. He will clearly state that those responsible will be held accountable. He might not even rest until every dollar is found, till every member of the former government is charged and convicted (except for himself of course).

Harper and company will scream we need an election now as Canadians cannot take another moment of the Liberals in power.

The end result in the ensuing media coverage, a draw for Martin. This guy has more horseshoes than Michael Jackson has lawyers. Yet with all that the best Martin can hope for is a Minority government again, but then that's like a win right?

Under any other circumstance people would vote in droves to toss him out. Not in Canada, not with the likes of Harper slobbering all over the Christian Right (or is it the other way around and is it safe). We don't trust Martin but we know what he is, Harper scares the heck out of us and Jack Layton, he needs to show people he deserves consideration.

What's the media saying, Nothing else is happening in Canada, its wall to wall Gomery...

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