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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Kelowna councilor plays GOD

"Mission residents are quite able to choose their next City Council by utilizing their own judgment as to the capability of candidates." Barrie Clark

Barrie Clark, candidate and incumbent City councilor says he does not want to be endorsed by the Okanagan Mission Residents Association, because they are a special interest group.

God forbid a group of citizens in Kelowna take a stand on anything. Clark knew the OMRA was going to do this. He could have told them he would not accept nor want an endorsement. He choose to play politics of an incumbent.

It might have a lot more to do with the fact he doesn't want any other group out here to be involved or work to affect change on council.

As an incumbent he would normally be a shoe in for election. No incumbent has been defeated in 21 years except last time out when Horning won. He has all the advantages and now that some citizens are ticked off with his council, ironic they endorsed him, he has become the god of what's right and wrong.

We have a real election and I suspect more resident associations and other groups next time out will be doing this as well. Interviewing candidates, talking about the issues and then advising the community what they found out and who they think should be supported.

Barrie Clark may even get some endorsements if he accepts them.

See Castanet story here.

Photo Credit: from Castanet (Kelly Hayes Photo)

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