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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

CN Guilty of failing to look after rail line

Some more derailments and today CN admits to a charge failing to ensure sound engineering work on the rail line, related to a railway derailment near McBride BC that took the lives of two CN rails workers. CN was facing a criminal trial in Prince George today and entered a gulity plea.
The company has been fined $75,000 and has requested two weeks to pay up. Why do they need two weeks to pay up? Did they give too much to the federal Liberals, or are they still paying off the BC Liberals for the BC Rail deal.
“There could be a time where that engine's gonna go over that rail, or whatever hazard that might be in effect at the time, and we're gonna lose a couple crew members.” - Local Vice President Wayne Chorneychuk of the United Transportation Union on derailments. CKNW, December 7, 2005

Chorneychuk was speaking of the recent derailments on the former BC Rail lines. It looks like action has occured. We learn just now that the Federal Minister of Transportation has ordered CN Rail to shorten its trains over the former BC Rail lines. Would the Minister have acted today as he did were it not for the fact CN Rail was in a Criminal court case today and admitting to failing to maintain a bridge that caused the derailment near McBride BC killing two CN workers?
There must be a federal election happening...

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