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Friday, December 30, 2005

Liberals know better!

I believe that Martin has set or promised to set a higher standard. In the Budget leak where Conservative Finance Minister Wilson refused to resign, the Liberal party including Paul Martin, demanded he resign.

Liberal Mr. Marurizio Bevilacqua (York North): Disclosure for potential financial gains is a serious violation of the supreme authority of Parliament. Let us restore trust in this Parliament and ask this Government and the Prime Minister for the Minister's resignation. (April 27, 1989, Hansard pg 1026)

Liberal Brian Tobin (Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte): Is the Prime Minister suggesting to the people of Canada the potential millions of dollars in private benefit given to a privileged few can be legitimized in the interest of keeping his friend, the Minister of Finance, in the federal Cabinet? Is that what he is telling the people of Canada? [April 27, 1989, Hansard pg 1033]

Liberal Mr. Paul Martin (LaSalle-Émard): "There is only one question before this House. You are bringing this House into disrepute. Why the cover-up?" [May 19, 1989, Hansard pg 1969]

In that case, the Conservatives did not leak anything intentially. That may be the case here.
The Liberals were pretty holy back then and now that a leak appears to have happened under their watch, they refuse to accept the standard demanded of Mulroney and Wilson.
Somehow it smacks of entitlement or we know we didn't do anything wrong or if we did we did not mean too so trust us.

Thats why 75% of the country is so pissed at the Liberals. They may still win the election as the largest party in the commons, but with what honour?

A Progressive Blogger and Liberal blogger has chosen to blame the messenger in a story called CBC News And The ABC's Of Journalism . That's an old game and won't wash here, after all it was the Liberals that demanded Wilson resign, to resign when he himself had done nothing wrong. We don't know if Goodale has done anything wrong yet. What we do know is alot of people made some pretty amazing moves just before the Minister made his announcement.

Its a little sickening now for Paul Martin and the Liberal's to be using Wilson's example of not resigning as support for their Minister of Finance failing to do the right thing.

But would we expect anything other than this response from a tired, old government more interested in ...

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