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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Planes, Trains, Gas and a Falcon

The problems with CN Rail, the new owners of BC Rail look as if they may well enter the federal election scene. Kevin Falcon, the Minister for transportation in BC and keeper of the secret sale documents says the latest train derailment is a federal issue and he won't comment.

Typical of this Gordon Campbell government. They won't be held accountable for anything they do. CN Rail has had two derailments in one day. That is five derailments since they bought BC Rail from the provincial government one of them that killed thousands of fish and forced emergency measures to be implemented to keep people away from the water when a caustic chemical spilled into a river earlier this year.

Falcon, after pressure from the provincial NDP opposition earlier this session of the legislature met with CN Rail and came out of his meeting stating he was pleased CN Rail was doing what was needed and none of us should worry. The words were no sooner out of Falcon's mouth and another derailment occurred.

To date five derailments have happened. Falcon has dodged, argued, ducked in question period. He hasn't been able to shake the relentless NDP questioning and so now a new strategy has evolved. The BC Liberals Falcon is now trying to pass the buck (oddly enough CN Rail CEO is one of the biggest buck givers to the BC Liberals) to the federal government.

Sure the Feds have a responsibility just like they had with Terasan and they failed all British Columbian's. The issues facing BC Rail or the loss of Teresan to the Americans would never have happened were it not for the actions of the Gordon Campbell Government. We owned the railway so we could do something about it but the Liberals sold it. We had a law in place that limited foreign ownership of Teresan but they Liberals changed that.

Kevin Falcon cannot pass this buck. He is the Transportation Minister and trains running on track beds we still own are falling off more often than any six year old kid out along the tracks trying to balance himself shouting, "Daddy quick look!"

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