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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gay Marriage - Stephen Harper's only hope?

It will be a genuine free vote when I'm prime minister," Harper said.

"I will not whip our cabinet." (is that weird or what?)

Stephen Harper is in full election mode. Too get the gay marriage issue out of the way and hopefully forgotten come election day January 23rd, he has raised same-sex marriage before anyone of his candidates can. Well, lets be honest here, he has applied several rolls of duct tape onhis candidates and has people standing by to re apply.

It is clear, no conservative candidate is to refer to this issue other than to state there will be a free vote and then to get onto other issues. This will play well among the religious right, those fundamentalists that have an uncomfortable hold on poor Stephen. He wants so badly to be Prime Minister he is willing to bend over backwards (sorry for unintended visions that come to your head here, YUK) to play to the pipers tune. Now don't get me wrong here, Stephen has many unpleasant thoughts of his own that he shares with the Religious Right folk.

This is the undoing of Stephen Harper and his loose hold on the leadership of a coalition hanging together by a thread. Of course all those religious right folks vote. He has that to hang onto!

What's worse here is that Stephen Harper is not alone. Ralph Reed was in Canada recently, that great American Freedom fighter. Well, he is an American and it seems he believes only straight Americans should enjoy the rights of American life. We have seen the movie Stephen, and we don't like it.

Unlike many American movies this one was not made here. Canadians prefer a little more acceptance, live and let live. You go Stephen Harper. Don't try too hard on this gay marriage thing, it will come up at the end again, as the duct tape runs out.

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