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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It Changed in Kelowna!

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words.
Kelowna elected a new Mayor on the weekend. It was a decisive victory for three term Councilor Sharon Shepherd who ran a campaign for change. The slogan, "It is Time for Change" resonated with voters.

Shepherd is listening to outgoing (and defeated) Mayor Walter Gray.

Shepherd and her Campaign Manager watch the recap of the election results on local television news.

Local media missed Mayor Gray's arrival at Shepherd's campaign office at approximately 10pm. Mayor Gray arrived to polite applause when he entered and immediately asked if he could find a glass of good red wine.

Its the Okanagan, of course we had a good glass of red wine. The Mayor then offered his congratulations and mingled with the many campaign supporters for approximately 45 minutes before heading off.

And what would the election of a new Mayor, especially someone you really believed in be if you weren't there. Thats me in the orange, Sharon Shepherd, Karen Alexander (campaign manager) and one of Kelowna's brightest up and comers, Carol Kenzie. Karen's daughter completes the picture.

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