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Friday, November 04, 2005

Child Commissioner needed - Former Socred

Former Social Credit Deputy Minister Bob Plecas calls for Child Commisioner

CBC reported yesterday that Bob Plecas, the key man behind the Bill Bennett restraint programs of the 1980's and later hired by the NDP government has stated BC needs to create an independent Commissioner that is not looking to lay blame but to support changes required in the system. (Interview on CBC with Bob Plecas, November 3, 2005)

Plecas can hardly be called a namby pamby kinda guy or a left wing activist. He was instrumental in the downsizing of government and an attack on government workers while working for Premier Bill Bennett. His voice adds to many the need for the Gordon Campbell government to come to its senses on this issue and reinstate the office of Child Commissioner.

Yesterday the BC Liberals under a great deal of pressure, announced the creation of a six person panel to assess the way the province meets the needs of vulnerable children.

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