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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bush Roves on his own

George Bush is in free fall.

The last three years of his Presidency are going to be hell. I just hope at the end he has a new Vice president, new Secretary of Defense and Karl Rove is gone. Then Bush can sit in the White House and ponder where things went off the rails. He might want to go back to the days when he stole the election in Florida with the help of his brother Jeb.

In the end he is reaping what he sowed. He got office because of a Supreme court ruling that wouldn't allow a manual recount of votes. He kept office because people in Democrat areas of Ohio were forced to wait in long lineups and questionable results in other democrat areas that gave Bush higher vote numbers. Can anyone think of a better reason to remove partisan control of voting procedures.

Bush benefited because of the attack on New York. He was able to turn it into a Public Relations coup. Imagine what would have been the case if 9/11 had not happened. Would Bush been able to deal with domestic issues? Would people have seen the real Bush sooner?

So now the list of scandal and misdeeds is growing. He is at 35% in the polls with only the most hard line supporters still with him. It doesn't appear he can turn it around. The Wall Street Journal seeing their buddy GW in trouble jumped in to protect him after President Carter released his latest book condemning the White House, Christian Right and Bush. The WSJ said the book was full of errors and was too folksy. That will only sell more books for Jimmy.

With the failing war in Iraq, a drowning economy, the largest deficits in world history, Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination not so politely shoved back at him, the Valerie Plame scandal, and his no show with respect to Hurricane Katrina one has to say he can't climb out of a hole he dug with the help of his Vice President and a cabinet of thieves.

Name one Republican that will be running in the 2006 congressional election with George Bush standing beside them. Oh some will have to have the President there, just to save the President some embarrassment, but it won't be where there is a tight race.

Add to all this Americans suddenly waking up to the fact Cheney is making over $21,000 a day because of all the lucrative contracts Haliburton has received from the US Government in Iraq and even in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now we learn Rumsfeld is at least a million dollars richer because of the bird flu and likely many times more.

One wish really, with the next three years to be hell for Bush, I hope he has a Democrat controlled congress and spends his time fighting off an impeachment.

Is it enough to get Karl to rove over!

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