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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who knows why BC Children died?

In opposition, Gordon Campbell - like Judge Thomas Gove - rejected the idea that standard coroner's investigation was adequate. An independent commissioner was needed, he said then, and must look at every child death. Campbell was at a convention centre construction photo op in Vancouver when the new questions were raised in the legislature. - Paul Willcocks BC Legislative Reporter, November 15, 2005

80 Children's deaths went uninvestigated in BC. Today we learned in the Legislature that the BC Solicitor General admit there are many more, many that he knew nothing of. Many the Ministry knew nothing of.

We have gone from a place where the government had every child's death investigated independently to where it appears over 100 deaths were not investigated. What happened? The Chief cornoner for BC was to investigate we were told. He did not do it with Sherry Charlie.

It seems the corner has asked for more resources. Seems he couldn't get the investigations done without staff and money to pay them. That's the price people. The BC Government decided to cut costs and not investigate some deaths of children.
G. Campbell: "...The fact is that everyone in this House has to make priorities. Our priorities, on this side of the House, are to care for children in need and to make sure that children in the government's care are protected. Our legislative officer -- the child, youth and family advocate -- has said quite clearly: "We need to challenge the 'too bad we can't afford it' attitude about essential services for children and youth, knowing that if we don't pay now we will pay more dearly later." TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1998, BC Legislative Assembly

Now they have an unholy mess on their hands. They created it, they did it. As a result of their budget cutting the Sherry Charlie case has several investigations underway. There is a whole whack of new investigations about to start in the deaths of Children.

Just how big a mess is it. Every other day new cases surface, its been going on for weeks now. Today the opposition said it was time for an independent investigation into the government's handling of these issues. As usual the BC Liberal government said it wasn't needed. They will look after it. Kinda reminds me of the Catholic Church and the authorities in addressing child abuse cases.

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