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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I deserve it! Mayencourt spouts (spews perhaps)

But coffee costs so much. That was the sentiment expressed by Lorne Mayencourt in voting against Bill 19 today. The Bill was brought in to undo the stupidity of all BC MLAs last Thursday, voting themselves big raises and a glutinous filthy rich pension plan.

The heat was on. Friday Carole James recognized she wasn't going to grab for the asbestos gloves. She threw cold water on the wage increase. To her credit she reacted quickly to public opinion and outrage. Gordon Campbell spent Friday and Saturday saying he had a deal with the NDP and they backed down. Campbell should have done so Friday as well.

The good thing is they have killed the wage increase for MLA's and the pension plan. Too bad eh.
Yet one MLA seems a little slow to understand. Lorne Mayencourt (Vancouver Burrard), the infamous Westend party boy was the lone MLA to vote for keeping the pay raise.

Was Mayencourt ticked because he wanted to use the money to meet a commitment he made in the 2001 election to a packed public Forum in the Westend Community Centre? Mayencourt was asked about his personal bankruptcy. Mayencourt responded that if he were elected he would begin paying back the creditors who lost money when he took the bankruptcy route. Mayencourt has not been asked by any mainstream media as to whether he has kept his commitment.
"I think I can get three lattes with that." - Mayencourt speaking in opposition to Bill 19, in the BC Legislature, Monday November 21, 2005

Or maybe Mayencourt just can't afford (on his $78,000+ salary and seemingly limitless cell phone charges) the cost of a coffee and still have change to give to a street pan-handler. You know how scary that can be. Can you bill coffee to a cell phone now?

Mayencourt of course blamed his loss of income on one person today, the leader of the Opposition. She betrayed us he said every one of us.
"And today the Leader of the Opposition is going to support Bill 19. The only difference between Thursday and Monday is maybe 150 nasty e-mails and a couple of calls from George Heyman and Jim Sinclair and Jinny Sims. For that, the Leader of the Opposition betrayed her caucus, betrayed everyone in this House."

I don't know about you, but I think there were more people ticked off over the MLA's self imposed wage increase than labour leaders. Carole James recognized it and did the right thing in the end. For that she is blamed for the loss of the increase. If I am Carole James, I take that blame. Sorry to say Mr. Mayencourt, but most people out here in the Heartlands agree with repealing Bill 17.

Today Mayencourt wrapped up his speech opposing rolling back the MLA's salary package asking, "...
I ask the people of British Columbia, my computer's turned on right now; you can e-mail me, to tell me if you think I'm wrong. If you think I'm wrong, well, we'll disagree, but at least you're going to make an informed decision at home today."

Email Lorne directly at End Legislative Poverty for MLA'S.

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