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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Developers couldn't buy City Hall could they?

Kelowna City Council, a band of largely developer yes men, has passed more motions that the community wants in the last three months than they have in the last three years. They did not have time to address citizen issues as they were too busy going over developer plans, nodding their heads in approval and making all the changes needed in the Official Community Plan required to go ahead.

Same with all the road work, convenient that it occurred just before the election. I am surprised they haven't re-announced the bridge in the same fashion Sindi Hawkins and Rich Coleman had.

So now we can take our dogs on a leash along the main city park's walk way. This is long overdue and I am glad they did it. Still they have made it a temporary move. These good ole boys can't make a decision unless they are given it by those with money.

Developers rule Kelowna. Not all developers are bad. You cannot blame then when they appear to be taking advantage only of the people they have endorsed and or provided money to during election campaigns. How much money we don't know yet. The Mayor won't tell us. Neither will the other incumbents other than Sharon Shepherd. She says not one cent from them.

If you get lots of money from someone, don't they usually want something in return? I am sure they will say no. Just like the good ole boy. Well, it will be interesting to see how many developers have given money to Walter Gray or his slate of incumbents here in our city. Heck my guess is they have received money from developers that are from outside our city and the province.

Naw, it won't affect the decisions of people like Walter right? Lets see whose development moves ahead, needs a change to the Official Community Plan. Then you decide. Trouble is we find out after the election. These good ole boys have it all worked out eh.

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