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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rush wants you to adopt a soldier

As incredible as this sounds, Rush Limbaugh, the oft forgiven (by the Christian Right) drug abusing and ranting lunatic of the american airwaves, (likely the largest single source of air and noise pollution in the USA) has launched an aid package for US soldiers that would make Jimmy Swaggert beam with envy.

For $49.95 you can offer an American soldier 24/7 to premium internet access to Rush Limbaugh's website. That's a deal you can't say no to. It's for the troops. I can imagine these soldiers are dying to spend their downtime in Iraq cruising through the Rush site. Now the people at Moron' have another suggestion that is too cheap. I mean they are giving it away, can it be worth as much as Rush's offer if they can give it away.

Sometimes you just have to say "Only in America" for things to make sense.

It does help explain one thing. These are the same people that sent money and votes to George W. Bush.

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