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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Judging Campbell

Terry Smith, B.C.’s chief coroner is one of six people reviewing the the very sad state of affairs of the forgotten children. Is it just me or is Terry Smith likely in conflict here. Will he be able to sit in judgement of his own actions taken as a result of decisions he made?

I do not question this man's integrity but I do have concerns about the people that appointed the panel. They did appoint some strong critics of the government, yet they appointed the Chief Coroner, the guy that did not or could not do the reviews of child deaths in BC.

He would much likely be a better witness than contributing judge.
"Why did it take until November 14, 2005 before the Chief Coroner revealed that there could be 80 investigations that were halted, only to have that number increased to 713 on November 17th?" - David Schreck Strategic

The Gazetteer has much more on Defending the Indefensible

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