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Monday, November 07, 2005

Ralph Reed to tell us how!

The right wing Christian groups in Canada recently said they needed a "Canadian" Ralph Reed. It did not take them long and they are off to the races. A national activist school is being held in Toronto this November 29 to December 1. Not wanting to make a mistake, they are bringins in American Christain radical Ralph Reed.

The prospect of another federal election may have these people chomping at the bit. That said it will take some time. They do not have a great mechanism to get out their support all across the country yet. That said they remain a force in the Interior of BC and Alberta along with some regions of Rural Ontario and around the city of London.

These people are spending big money to bring activiusts to Toronto. This action is building on the success they had within the Conservative party on same-sex marriage and supported by their views that they should have been able to do more by passing anti-choice postion in the party.

The next step for this group is to wortk activly in candidate selection and ongoing support across party lines on issues based campaigns.

Looks to me on the eve of a possible winter election the Christian Conservatives are about to become a bigger force in Canadian politics.

The course outline is not that different from what they may learn in any political or activist organization.

Read more below ...

The course poster states that Ralph Reed will be the conference speaker in the search for a Canadian Ralphie. Among the attributes they praise Reed for include;
Senior Advisor to the campaign of President George W. Bush
Chairman of the Southeast Region for Bush- Cheney2004.
Reed has worked on seven presidential campaigns

Mr. Reed served as executive director of the Christian Coalition in the 1990’s and built one of the most effective grassroots organizations inmodern American politics. The Wall Street Journal called Dr. Reed “Perhaps the finest political operative of his generation.”

“Mr. Reed believes that the pro-family movement is the main force reconfiguring American politics today” Wall Street Journal

Also attending and leading the conference are the following ...

Joseph Ben-Ami
Executive Director
Institute for Canadian Values

Charles McVety
President, Canada
Christian College

Brian Rushfeldt
Canada Family Action

Joe Varner

Michael Coren
CTS Television
Toronto Sun

Gwen Landolt
Real Women

Frank Diamant
Executive Director,
B’Nai Brith

Dr. Anne Cools

Jim Hughes
Campaign Life Coaltion

Naresh Ragubeer
Canadian Coalition for Democracies

Conrad Winn
Compas Research

David Harris
Former Director of Strategic Planning of CSIS

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