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Friday, November 04, 2005

A Bridge too far from Surrey?

So what happened in Victoria? Just 13 months ago the Minister of Transportation, Kevin Falcon said in the Legislature that construction on the Needles Bridge would begin in summer of 2005. As projects proceed in the lower mainland and Liberal strong hold of Kelowna, the Needles project is no where to be seen.

Is this part of the province too far from Surrey? The Minister made it known October 27, 2005 after pressure from Corky Evans, MLA for the area that the cost of steel was too high so it is not likely that the bridge can be built. The Minister had a different view prior to the election. In an effort to bridge or should I say throw a life jacket to then MLA Liberal Blair Suffredine Minister Falcon said in the legislature ....


Hon. K. Falcon: ... the Premier made a commitment to the folks in the Kootenays that the Needles bridge would be a priority of this government, something that this government will be doing. I had the opportunity along with the member to visit with many of the residents from Fauquier, in the Kootenays, to talk about the Needles bridge. I am pleased to let the member know that detailed design work on that bridge should be completed by December of this year, when we will then review all that information. I'm pleased to say that we should have construction starting on the new Needles bridge by the summer of next year(2005). ~ Official Report of DEBATES OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY (Hansard) MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2004 Afternoon Sitting Volume 26, Number 2

Falcon said in the Legislature on October 27, 2005, that the business case is not there and he never intended the bridge would be built until the later part of the ten year plan. Was he lying then in the House on October 4, 2004 when he said construction would start in in 2005? Or was he deliberately misleading the House.

MLA Corky Evans asked the Minister if the bridge could be built for 49 million and not 68 million as projected, Falcan stated that the business case for the bridge was not there. But the business case was there on October 3, 2004 or a Minister like Falcan would not have announced the government would be building the bridge?

Falcon use to lead people in rallies before the 2001 election with a chant that said "Have you had enough yet!

Broken Promise number ___ (you fill in the blank, we lost count in the Heartlands years ago).

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