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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kelowna's Shepherd on KSS site

Shepherd shares vision for future of KSS site

Mayoral candidate Sharon Shepherd in Kelowna shared her vision of using the former KSS site as a "showcase of sustainability" which could bring people from all over the world to see a municipal model of long-term planning and innovation.

Shepherd commits to starting her mayoral term by appointing a Community Coalition that would report back within the first quarter on site conditions and/or concerns. The committee will be made up of members of the city-planning department, members from Okanagan College and UBC-O, social agencies, the development and business communities, and residents.

She views the site as a multi use community, incorporating park space, mixed-use housing including affordable, subsidized, college/university units and market housing with adaptable and accessible designs and roof-top gardens. She has visions of a basketball training facility (historical use from KSS), a daycare located near a senior center, community gardens, a community and family center, mixed with some commercial or service provider component such as a shoe repair, hairdressing salon, medical or dental office, small grocery store and/or a community policing office.

The entire site could be built utilizing world-renowned sustainable principles such as solar and geothermal energy. Her excitement is evident as Shepherd declares, "Imagine all of this in a site so close to the heart of downtown – close to the lake, entertainment in our Cultural District and the broad range of wonderful downtown shops. What better way to revitalize downtown than to have more close and accessible options for them to live, work, and play downtown?"
When asked about a timeline for building, Shepherd says a full report on the site is required to determine any environmental or other concerns, but given the size of the property feels it can be build in stages with some construction able to begin as early as 2006.

"It’s Time for Change"

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