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Monday, November 07, 2005

Layton "cannot express confidence"

Jack Layton spoke today at the Empire club. His speech was much different that he expected it would be. The Gomery report has changed a great deal along with the Liberals refusal to bring in measures to protect medicare, a system brought in when Tommy Douglas forced the federal Liberals to act.

The Liberals while clinging to power refuse to stand up to protect medicare from further privatization and from improving it to ensure future Supreme court rulings will support public funded health care for all Canadadians. Jack said in his speech today ...

"And the question therefore becomes, how can this Parliament continue? Under the leadership of a Liberal Party whose ethical conduct Justice Gomery indicted– a Liberal Party that once worked with New Democrats to build public medicare, and now flatly rejects rules to protect that achievement.

We cannot express confidence in a government unwilling to act on such a critical issue."

I just spent a weekend with a friend visiting fro the United States. He thinks we are nuts. His employer spends $550 US every month for his health care. On top of that my american friend must pay a deductible of 30% on most costs including seeing a doctor.

The Liberals are allowing the system to change to private and the Conservatives embrace it already. It would appear the only one standing up for medicare is Jack Layton. Watch now, we will get a ton of Liberals claiming they support it too and even Stephen Harper will say something like he supports medicare.

The polls look good for the NDP in BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Canadians this time out have a better understanding of where the federal liberals stand on some basic issues. Better hope you don't need a hospital in a few years unless you can pay the deductible.

The Liberals also face another huge problem. Money. They haven't much when you compare them to the Conservatives. I guess when you rely on sponsorship money to run campaigns you get lazy.

The Conservatives are claiming impotence on the issue of holding Martin and the Liberals to account for the sponsorship scandal. They are playing it both ways, trying to blame Layton if a vote fails and take the credit if the vote passes. See this Voice in the Wilderness view.

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NDP Leader Jack Layton said his party won't support the Liberal government in any new non-confidence vote as he rejected a Liberal proposal to protect public health and opened the door for a possible Christmas election.

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