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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Humour tag,

I have been tagged by Chimera's Cavern It seems some folks are getting alittle too hot in the canadian political blogging sphere. So the idea is to tell a joke and then tag three people. Ok here is my try at it. Its a joke my brother told me when he was five.

Question: "What do you do if you are swallowed by an elephant?"

Answer: "Run around until you get pooped out!"

I tag, oh I hate this... ok you are it ...

Trevor at Everything I Say and Do is Right. Trevor is the leader of a cult of blog readers from BC, Alberta and around the world.

And I add Kayber's Blog, a hot place for BC Liberals. And no one said the joke couldn't be political KB.

Finally I tag Aunty Bertha who is a west coast blogger who sees through the fog and rain, well you take a look at Aunty's blog... Eclectic Eccentricity.

I would tag The Gazetteer, a clever guy with a wickedly and strange adoration of Hunter S. Thompson, but I missed one of his tags to me a long time ago. He might remember. Whoops.

Remember Life is not a VCR, you can't rewind it. Think Carole James knows this now.

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