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Monday, November 07, 2005

Bush Discovers American Insurgent

If he thought it would help his ratings, I am sure Mt Rushmore would go up in a flurry of bunker blasting bombs citing the area honours one of North America's earliest insurgents, One George Washington.

One person's freedom fighter is another's insurgent and both seem to have "GOD" on their side of the battle.

So with Bush in the basement of presidential polling he has to pull himself out. To do this he is looking for friends he hasn't abused yet. The Christian right and bloggers seem keen to help him out.

Our good buddy at Doucheblog has found a few of them who maintain Bush's greatness. Check out today's post Bush: Great President, or the Greatest President in History?

With the US deficit the highest in history, debt growing more and more, I conclude as many conservative folks point out, "its sure a good thing we don't have a free spending Liberal in the Whitehouse."

The last Liberal in the Whitehouse only managed to balance the budget and start cutting debt. How come Clinton was so stupid, did he not understand that the key to a good economy was a war!

Thank god we don't have the likes of Clinton around eh? Now that's a joke folks!

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