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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Campbell tag team takes on BC voters

Ok this goes into the "don't you all feel better now" category

Former VanderZalm cabinet minister and Canadian Prime Minister, Kim Campbell says Emerson should not resign. "Because I think Dave Emerson is a great British Columbian and even over here in Europe I'm getting all this news about him being hammered for his decision and I just wanted to call and say I think it's a great thing for B.C.,” Campbell told the Bill Good show today on CKNW.

Another Campbell, political cousin to Kim, Gordon has also rallied to Emerson's calls for help. Campbell is reported on CKNW to have stated in Emerson's defense, “He clearly understands the Pacific Gateway, very important for British Columbia. He clearly understands the importance of the Olympics and Paralympics Games to Canada, and again, important to British Columbia. So he brings a real, I think, reservoir of talent to government."

Campbell appears to be out of step with the BC voters on this issue. Ipsos-Ried poll shows 48% of British Columbians strongly disapprove of Emerson's switch. 77% say that people that switch party's after an election should have to run again.

Now having these two Campbell's in your corner just has to be a moral booster!

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