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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Western Standard(s) never so low

You just knew it had to happen. Ezra Levant has managed to tick off two of Canada's most powerful Conservative leaders. Aside from his rantings taken as loony by most Canadians he has held court for the social conservative set with his radical right wing Western Standard. Now he leaps forward as a defender of freedom of the press by reprinting the cartoons from Denmark.

Now I have heard all the stuff about freedom of the press. Yes he has a right to print them. What I have to ask is why would he? Is it his rapid position on Isreal, right or wrong, they have to be supported? Is it an attempt to save the mag formatted tabloid? Is he just an obnoxious right wing idiot?

For a man so in support of our military he has a strange way of showing his love. If there was a good reason to reprint them fine, but I can't think of one half-baked reason, let alone a good one.

His actions will likely move us up a notch or two on the international terrorist's hit list. The Canadian Armed Forces he purportedly supports are likely going to be faced with additional risks as a result.

Ezra Levant doesn't stop with cartoons, he decides to take a swipe at aboriginal Canadians as well with an article that jabs the Premier of Alberta's wife. Again why would he attack her heritage. Call her an interfering spouse if its an issue but why print derogratory comments about her race?

He has Stephen Harper pissed and Premier Klein. Normally I would pay good money to see them pissed at the media. Its quite an achievemnt of some sortfor a social conservative news outlet to get these two men upset. Levant should print an apology to Premier Klein and his wife and children, to Metis people and then for good measure, crawl back into whatever hole he slithered out of.

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