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Friday, February 24, 2006

Off until March 7

I will be gone from today February 24 to March 7. In the mean time if you are looking for news from the progressive side check outmany of the Progressive bloggers, my favourite blog The Gazetteer, and other good people, Strategic Thoughts, Had Enough, The Tyee , PayingAttention, PublicEye, Rob Cottingham, CathieFromCanada and of course my other Favourite blog is My Blahg. I have a few favourite blogs but cannot forget Canuck Attitude where Bruce brings some attitude to Friday's with interesting web vids he has found.

Peace, Earth and Justice is a place with lots of left progressive news.

There are many good links in the side bar so please check out the good work many of these people are doing everyday.

For something different you have to go to Trevor, who has built a cult like following with his writings, Aunty Bertha makes me laugh and cry and think, kinda like my Mom, Alison over on Bowen Island has some unisland like thoughts and of course the one place you won't find cable, Chimera's Cavern is the good buddy we would all appreciate and witty!

I can't forget my favourite all time biker and friend, who now has a blog, check out Jim if you like gay bikers or just want to see some Biker guys! I can let you in on a secret there, his nick name is Petals! or is that pedals, I could never get it right.

See you March 7!

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