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Friday, March 10, 2006

CNN misleading headline, way misleading!

Dems Indicted; Clinton, Kerry Targeted

Oh my have the Dems done something really stupid? How could this happen?

Nothing has happened other than CNN playing fast and loose with its editorial efforts in the newsroom...

You just know that something is wrong with this headline. One would expect from reading the headline that Clinton (which one) and Kerry were indicted for some wrong doing, maybe even criminal wrong doing.

CNN made up the headline rejecting the AP header that was "GOP Chairman to Single Out Kerry, Clinton."

One has to wonder what the CNN was trying to say here. The story is really about the Republicans efforts to frame the next election and has nothing to do with indictments of Clinton and Kerry because there are none!

I see that CNN has changed the headline now!

From Talking Points Memo

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