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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ujjal's Ted-E Bear to be auctioned

Ok here it is. Pictured below with yours truly is the official mascot from the Ujjal NDP leadership contest. Yes if you were there, you saw all the Ujjal supporters in their green t-shirts with the green U.

The mascot had a special t-shirt made as well, a campaign that spared no expense for sure.

I have had Ted E Bear since then. He was mine before the leadership, then he wanted to go to convention too. No before you ask, he did not have a voting credential. He was staff.

Now it seems this bear comes up in conversations from time to time in NDP circles, usually those that were part of Ujjal's campaign team. Some of you may have forgotten about him. He was in on all the inside stuff, he knows things that he may share if you give him a nice home. Only Remi was closer to Ujjal than Ted E Bear during the leadership and we know she won't talk.

Ted E Bear will now go to the highest bidder. The money of course will go to the Kelowna Federal NDP. I have resigned as local president and in cleaning out some stuff have offered TED E Bear for auction. Anyone out there that wants him can have him now if they send me a big enough cheque.

Now any good Liberal out there that would like to have Ujjal's good luck Bear can, just send a bigger cheque. Imagine Ujjal's face when you get to liberate the bear that brought him to power. You will be in Ujjal's good books forever. Even Ujjal can send a cheque. Bob Rae maybe interested too.

Now not leave the Conservatives out, think up a bigger number than the Liberals, and you too could have him. So should any of you be talking to Ujjal or Liberal's wanting to climb the political ladder or Conservatives wishing to have another join their party, let them know.

Interested? Send me an email with your bid.

He will be handed over to the Kelowna Federal NDP on May 1, 2006 for auction at their convienance unless you want him bad enough, remember he was closer to Ujjal than any other bear, mascot or person (except Remi). Tell me how much before then and if it is the best looking cheque at the end of May you get him. I will put weekly updates here on the latest bid so you know how much is enough.


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