Some things just need to be said...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stephen says "I'm the boss of you"

We have to stay in Afghanistan according to Stephen. He says it doesn’t matter if we never talked about it before. He says he's the boss of us and that’s what we have too do.

We have to be good kids and stay till Uncle George says we can go home. I haven’t met this Uncle George but the whole family keeps bringing him up. I did find this picture of him over at Rick Mercer’s blog that Mark took. It must be playtime cause Uncle George is dressed up as the Lone Ranger and Stephen is Tonto. There's lots of Stephen pictures like this one.

Do any of you remember how happy Uncle George was when we joined his excellent adventure to Haliburton Afghanistan? He wasn’t too thrilled when we asked for a ride as he figured by now we would have a reliable car with enough room for all of us. He did give our folks a ride then got mad when we said we can’t make it to Haliburton's second adventure, the one in Iraq. Uncle George can be a little snarky.

So to help quiet down Uncle George we sent more people to Afghanistan, this time we used a bunch of littler cars and we got everyone over there. In the mean time Uncle George wants to build a shooting range in the sky over top of us and he gets mad again when we say we don't think that's safe. Mom says he has a short temper from the days when he was a kid and had a teacher named Dick.

Anyway Uncle George was still pretty ticked so Stephen told him he would think about the shooting range again and maybe we could let him do some practice shooting as long as it was over Saskatchewan. Stephen thinks Saskatchewan is just ugly, not pretty like Alberta.

Ujjal says we should talk about Afghanistan and stuff but we shouldn't leave even after we talk and Jack says we should talk and then maybe come home. Uncle George doesn’t like Jack that’s for sure.

So now we don’t know what’s up. Stephen went to Afghanistan and checked it out, though he wouldn't tell us he was going ahead of time cause he was worried we would ask him to bring our brother or sister back home and he didn't have enough room. We do need a bigger car, maybe a minivan would be better right? That way we could all go where we want and leave when we want.

Me, I just think Uncle George gets away with a lot and Stephen should just tell him to grow up. Dad says Stephen won’t do that cause he wants some of the toys Uncle George has, at least better ones than we got from Uncle Tony cause they sink in the bathtub when he plays with them.

Stephen decided to put Gordon in charge of going to the toy store to get better toys cause he said Gordon knows all the toy sellers better than anyone. David wants some of those toys too so he told Stephen he was only pretending not to like him. He’s kinda like Belinda who got mad at Stephen and went to sit beside Paul. Only David doesn't care who he sits with. Mom says your friends tell other people what kind of person you are. I don’t think David should be hanging out with those guys. I sure hope Jack doesn’t spend too much time with them. I like Jack cause he tells Uncle George, "Your not the boss of me!"