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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Glen Clark - moonlighting as a Ferry Captain?

News of the BC Ferries Queen of the North sinking struck like a lightning bolt. I have taken this ship many times, down BC's coast to Port Hardy. Some sailings are rough but always it safely made port. It is an old vessal for sure yet it has served so well and likely could have continued to do so if it were not for striking a rock.

Now half jockingly I asked some friends over coffee at Tim Horton's this morning how long they thought it would be before Gordon Campbell, our Premier took to blaming the NDP and Glen Clark for this. It did not take long as the Gazetteer points out on his blog today.

At some point it starts to get a little dull. Campbell could have stuck to the facts as we know so far. The ship ran aground and then sunk. It is terrible but luckily the crew managed to get everyone off safely and the people of Hartley's Bay proved again our faith in people is not unwarranted.

Campbell did not stick to this. Somehow the NDP brought about this event. Almost six years from taking over from the NDP and seven plus years since Glen Clark last sat at the cabinet table, Campbell is spinning his story. Imagine if it rains in Prince Rupert during the Premier's photo opportunity, that would be Glen Clark's fault and by his extentiona sign of God's wrath on BC for supporting the NDP. I mean its only a bunch of Ferries that support them right. Just ask Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell.

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