Some things just need to be said...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I won't play with you!

I hate to harp on this as so many bloggers are already at it. But Stephen Harper was the guy that was screaming at the ethics commissioner to do his job when Harper was the opposition leader. Now the Harper Government is saying they won't cooperate with the ethics commissioner. Imagine, just for a second what we would hear from Harper if former Prime Minister Martin said that.

Name one politically astute Canadian that really, honestly believes that Emerson deceided to leave the Liberal party without the enticement of a cabinet post. Oh they may not have come right out and said leave the Liberals and join us and we will put you in cabinet. No they surely would not be that dumb. They did however do what the Liberals have done for ages, a flick of the wrist, a nudge, and a come hither look, that says all it has too.

Emerson is a Cabinet Minister, he is a Conservative MP, reading the transition documents prepared by the government he left. You have to wonder why he needed a briefing.

The ethics Harper campaigned on to bring an end to, to stop the abuse of power, have to wait until Harper has abused as much power as he can before he must operate on an ethical playing field he so ardently demanded the Liberals play on.

Monkey see, Monkey do.