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Monday, January 17, 2005

BC Legislature Raid - Clark, Collins and Reid Gone

Former Police officer, Leo Knight, has devoted a great deal of time to the Raid on the BC Legislature.

The unprecedented raid on the BC Legislature a year ago, December 28, 2003, has seen some interesting fallout leading to some very interesting questions being asked. Leo Knight at Primetime asks about David Basi and Bob Virk,

"Why were they not vetted prior to their appointment?" The obvious answer is political expediency. Basi was able to deliver "bums in the seats." Both parties needed inroads, politically, into the Indo community. There is another shoe to drop in this matter. "

We learn now that Basi was rejected at least once before for employment by the Liberals after reference checks and other due diligence led to a decision not to hire him in 1996, Bill Tielemen reports in The Straight.

Further Basi was the only Ministerial Assistant not hired by Martyn Brown, the Premier's number one political aide. Basi was hired directly by former Finance Minister, Gary Collins.

As to the other shoe to drop, why have all three Cabinet Ministers directly affected by the raid resigned from cabinet. Clark resigned in September, Collins in December and Reid, Minister of Transportation stepped down from Cabinet as she had decided not to run again.

All three have cited personal reasons and on the face of it one might accept that, except for the fact each was involved in the BC Rail scandal. Coincidence? More questions, more scandal.

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