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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Broken Promise #29 - We won't waste money advertising.

Broken Promise #29

Gordon Campbell used to howl at the nearest microphone when in opposition, on Government's spending on advertising. He called it partisan and he would have none of it. Waste of tax dollars he ranted.

The Liberals were especially critical about government advertising on health issues. "The money should have beeen spent on health care" Liberals shouted. So if elected he promised not to do it.

Well, guess what, Campbell's Liberals spent millions on health care ads, more on "Achieve BC" then millions more this winter telling us BC is the best place on earth. Below is an excerpt from the Oak Bay news...

Truth in advertising? Hmmm.

And, to be fair, critics have reason to be skeptical. Remember, Campbell also vowed during the last election campaign to not follow in the footsteps of the previous NDP administration by spending wads of taxpayer cash on government propaganda between elections.Alas, the Liberals have indeed spent millions on advertising campaigns that bear a remarkable resemblance to the NDP ads that had the Grits up in arms last decade.

These include the recent "B.C. is the greatest place to live" series, along with campaigns last year espousing the success of Liberal health care initiatives.NDP leader Carole James said she will be watching carefully to ensure the Liberals stick to their promise. But she doesn't hold out much hope, based on what she says are a litany of broken promises by Campbell's crew.The public has a role to play in this.

Watch your TV, especially during the evening news, when viewership numbers are high. Listen carefully to your radio. And scour your newspapers.- from Oak Bay News

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