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Thursday, January 20, 2005

BC's worst MLA

When it comes to MLA's not meeting expectations, one can hardly find fault with Lorne Mayencourt. When the expectations are so low in the first place it is hard to fail, yet even Lorne has managed this.

Lets look at some history:

Promise: It was discovered Lorne had gone bankrupt - That can happen to the best of us, still he promised to pay back money if elected.

To date: Did he ever pay up? We don't know.

Mayencourt chooses interesting buddies

Promise: He will stand up for GLBT issues in caucus and the legislature.

To Date: Has rarely ever spoken in the legislature on GLBT issues. The one opportunity he had in caucus we know of was when BC's most active homophobe, Mary Polak was introduced as a candidate, he stayed while out gay MLA Ted Nebbling left the room calling Mayencourt a hypocrite.

Promise: PWA monthly health benefit would not be cut.

To date: Health benefit was cut from $400.00 to $225.00

Watch for future updates of just how the Westend's Partyboy has failed to live up to the lowest expectations possible for a government MLA.

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