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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Was Premier misleading us?

Premier Campbell has been saying that Prem Vinning never really started work for the government. Joy MacPhail contends Vinning was working since at least Monday of this week. It would seem a bit odd that Vinning would be at the Provincial Congress all day Monday with Campbell and not be on the payroll.

Adding some doubt to the Premier's line that Peter, I mean Prem never started work was a comment in the bottom of a CBC Story today. The last paragraph reads like this...
"Within hours, officials from the premier's office said Vinning had "withdrawn"from his new job. They added that the premier never knew about the ruse."

I suppose the Liberals could throw away the OIC used to hire him if they had not processed it and a guy that owned JackPine in Williams Lake and a fleet of trucks according to his phone call to the TV Talk show, won't miss the salary, or was he lying about the trucking company as well.

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