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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Last Laugh belongs to Scott Brison

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The Federal Conservative party having lost the name of Progressive when they joined in a political same-sect marriage with the Alliance knew they would have some troubles down the road. The troubles are here and it appears they will get worse not better.

Harper's effort to stop same-sex marriage is foolish. Canada has many more issues to address, issues that are in dire need of attention and the Conservatives have decided too "take advantage" of a potential wedge issue. Between Christians and secular, between immigrants and non-immigrants, and something not reported on todate, between younger and older immigrant populations.

As the old saying goes, Harper has signed a pact with the devil. He has signed on and accepted to efforts and financial support from the Evangelical or born-again movement. A movement largely led by American evangelists, including the ever powerful James Dobson. Dobson runs Focus on the Family and many spin off action committee and research organisations. All designed to support the efforts of the parent organisation.

Now some of you will wonder about the deal with the devil. Isn't he working with Christians? He is and the deal with the devil refers to the backlash this deal will have on the Conservative Party. No longer Progressive, (many of us predicted this) they have lost their chance to govern.

They sold that chance at power for a moment in the sun. By alligning the Conservative party with the Christian right, Harper has proven he can not be trusted as Prime Minister in a secular country. He now is not looked at as a Guy knows a lot of bigot, he is seen as one, when he should be rising above, telling his supporters on the christian right, he must stand up for the charter.

Abortion is the next issue Harper will have to fend off and he has just written Paul Martin's election strategy. Martin's backroom boys and girls must be dancing and swigging champagne. Martin, the Protector of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Harper the Dark Knight has shown he cannot seperate religion from government. In The United States today, Harper would be elected. In Canada, Harper has lost the fight before it really began.

Look for the Conservative Congress in Montreal this March to be a bloodbath. Old time progressive conservatives will be saying I told you so , and by the way, we want to pass policy protecting a woman's right to choose, a commitment not to revisit same-sex marriage and the list will be longer.

Harper will not be Conservative leader, not because Canadians have lost faith, though they have, but because the same-sect group he leads really wasn't so much the same.

The last laugh belongs to three who were left behind or left. David Orchard, The Rt. Honourable Joe Clark and Scott Brison.

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