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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

More Liberal Deception reaches into Premier's Office

Prem Vinning a big time backroom boy for the Gordon Campbell Liberals and the federal Liberals, has lost his job after just three or four days.

The story made news today when Sean Holman, Editor of Public Eye Online wrote "Prem Vinning, a veteran Indo-Canadian political organizer, has been hired as the director of Asia-Pacific trade and economic development in the premier's office."

Seems Prem calls himself Peter when pretending not be working for the Premier. He called a weekend TV talk show and asked the Premier a soft question (likely a prearranged question). He admitted that today to Public Eye online. Prem was fired later in the day.

Did the Premier know his director of Asia Pacific Trade, Prem Vinning, was going to be asking a question? The Premier denied today that he knew it was Prem on the phone. The Premier's Office official line is "it was unaware the caller, who called himself Peter, was actually Vinning."

We have also learned tonight that Joy MacPhail, leader of the opposition confronted Vinning at a provincial gathering of MP's MLA's and Municipal reps in Vancouver on Monday and asked him about the deception. Macphail says Vinning denied it was him when she put it to him on Monday. "Mr. Vinning has a very distinctive voice." added MacPhail.

That is where we come back to, the Premier. The Premier has known Mr. Vinning for many years now, has worked with him with the Indo Canadian community a great deal. For Premier Campbell to say he did not know it was Vinning is darn close to being a deliberate out right lie.

Admit he knew and then get blasted or pretend he didn't know it was Prem. The Premier is caught between a Prem and Peter.

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