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Friday, January 14, 2005

Premier hasn't kept the promise - And we're MADD!

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are Madd!

Andrew Murie speaking to The recalls, "The month after Gordon Campbell tearfully apologized to the public for his drunk driving arrest in Hawaii, he met with leaders of Mother's Against Drunk Driving and issued a bold promise. Raising in his hand a copy of MADD's province-by-province report card, the Premier vowed his government would become one of Canada's leaders in toughening impaired driving laws.

I promise ...

That's the way Andrew Murie, CEO of MADD Canada remembers the meeting, which included B.C.'s five MADD chapter heads. But on the second anniversary of Campbell's apologetic press conference, Murie says the premier's promised leadership failed to materialize. Instead, Murie told The Tyee,

"Campbell has "shied away" and "chosen not to be involved" in drunk driving reforms." Andrew Murie, CEO, Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Another broken Promise - see The Tyee for the rest of the story. The Tyee also has The Premier's Tawdry Escape Act -Remembering the day Gordon Campbell spun his DUI, and the news media went dizzy.

At haveyouhadenoughyet he says, "Pledges by Gordo to improve Legislation against drinking and driving turn out, amazingly enough, more promises to be broken. Like so many other people in the province, the leaders of MADD, having almost certainly voted Liberal in that media-generated tidal wave of political mass hysteria peaking around 2001, couldn't bring themselves to reject a second-generation alcoholic they voted for, who downed two and a half bottles of wine before hitting the road." read more ...

MADD Canada

MADD Chapters In BC ...

Central Okanagan
Jackie Heller

Cranbrook & District
Peggy McGowan

Greater Vancouver
New Westminster
Bob Rorison, Interim President

North Island
Port Hardy
Pat Corbett-Labatt

Prince George
Prince George
Kerri McCaig

Upper Fraser Valley
Burt Graham

Victoria and Area
Jennifer Pritchard

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Jordan said...

Ralph Klein did many of the same things Gordon Campbell is doing and it has made Alberta one of the best provinces in the country to live. I sincerly believe what the government is doing will be beneficial in the long term. Besides, who else are you going to vote for, NDP, The Greens? Those are both laughable.