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Saturday, August 06, 2005

5 Minute Action - No to US Drug War in Canada

5 Minute Action! Update - New Links

You pick and choose, do them all or just one. Please take time to express your views so we can apply as much political pressure as possible.

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1. Write to Canadian Media

Write a short, snappy letter which offers your opinion on American efforts to extradite Marc Emery. Don't just send one mass email to all of these media at once. Instead send them each individually the same emailed letter. Write one letter every week, different letters but on the same topic, and send them to as many of these media outlets as you like every week.

For a list of Canadian Media email click here

2. Call The Honourable Irwin Colter, Minister of Justice

You can call just once or make it part of a weekly 5 minute action. Always be polite. State your message clearly and briefly. This is not the place for a debate. Mr. Cotler's staff cannot do this with you. Stay on message.

Constituency Office: 514-283-0171
Parliamentary Office: 613-995-0121
Justice Department Office: 613-992-4621

Here are some idea's you can use to express your views...

I am calling because it would "shock your conscience" for Marc Emery to be extradited to the US for alleged marijuana seeds crimes committed on Canadian soil. Say that you believe that if Marc has broken the law in Canada, he should be tried in Canada, under Canadian laws.

No matter where you are in the world, please call all three of these phone numbers every week. We definitely need active, vocal support from Americans and also from the international community.

If you have access to a fax machine then please also send a daily or weekly fax supporting Marc Emery to each of these Justice Department fax numbers:

Fax: 613-992-6762
Fax: 514-283-2407
Fax: 613-990-7255

3. Email or phone your Member of Parliament

Find your MP using your postal code here

You can convey the same message you are sending to Canadian media or Justice Minister Irwin Colter. All the same rules apply. Be polite, call often if you can and ask your MP to get back to you on this important matter.

Try to make an appointment for a personal visit. Also have every one of your friends and family members each make their own phone call. The more calls they receive the better. You are not seeking your MP and MLA to support the legalization of marijuana.

Tell them you are calling because you want your elected representative to oppose the extradition of any Canadian to a foreign country when their actions are not considered a serious crime in Canada. Remind them that Emery is the leader of a legitimate political party, that the Canadian government has knowingly collected taxes from his US seed sales for a decade, and that Emery has operated openly without interference from Canadian police since 1998.Tell your MP and MLA that Canada should not be sending political activists to jail in foreign countries, especially when their actions are not even considered to be an "arrestable offence" in Canada.

Thanks to for some of this information.

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