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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Senator Campbell

Senator Campbell, my how far the boy from Saskatchewan has gone ...

Now I like the sound of that. Now before I get hit here, I am all for revamping the Senate. I want it cleaned out an elected Senate put in its place or eleiminated all together. Until then if it is going to be there and I can do little about it, Campbell couldn't be a better choice for the Senate!

I guess I am beginning to fall to thew American activist way of getting things done. The Senate in Canada has been very effective on addressing a number of issues of late. Senator Nolan led a committee on Illgeal Drug use in Canada that toured the country and made a very powerful public document that among other things, supported decriminalization of marijuana, support for safe injection sites and less emphasis on enforcement and more for "four pillars' work.

Senator Campbell said today that he will use his Senate appointment to advance the issues of drug policy he has worked on in Vancouver for several years now and to get a better deal for Canada's cities.

It is ironic or was it planned by those devious Liberals to make the announcement of senate appointments today, in the middle of the Marc Emery bail hearings in Vancouver. They look good in appointing outspoken "pot" critic Larry Campbell to the Senate on the same day the courts are deciding whether to release Emery on bail.

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